Prosper Savings Account
Saving for a long-term project or even for a rainy day is always a challenge. With our Prosper Savings Account, you give your savings...
Why use BRS Leasing?
Looking to invest in assets without it affecting your working capital? With low monthly payments while still retaining liquidity, flexibility and ease of payment?...
Natural Resources
The global energy and natural resources sector operates in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment and the raising of well structured finance is seen as a key success factor...
Our offering

Are you looking for a specialist who can guarantee your future commitments as a result of an M&A transaction or litigation with a blocked (escrow) account? A partner you can rely on for the safe transfer of assets against payment in cross-border transactions? You can count on BRS's Escrow & Settlement for a prompt response: we’ll make you an offer within 48 hours of receipt of the necessary information. We can also customise arrangements to different situations and/or jurisdictions.

Our team

Genuine knowledge, fast processing and an eye for the interests of different stakeholders have made us a major global player in the field of escrow services. Our team of experts is made up of highly experienced senior managers, legal professionals and operational specialists. Ensuring you receive flawless service and execution of every aspect of your escrow agreement.

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At BRS, we have a well experienced and dedicated escrow and settlement services professionals in the business. With well over 2 decades of experience, including residential, commercial, international, relocation and vacation ownership transactions, we serve as an unbiased third party to execute the instructions of all parties involved, making sure your transactions get to closing day as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In additional to our knowledgeable and friendly staff, BRS also offers our customers the tools they need to access their transaction information anytime, anywhere, in the manner that is most convenient for you.
Escrow & Settlement
SIPP/SSAS Deposit Accounts
By choosing a SIPP or SSAS to save for the future, you or your adviser, can retain complete control to self direct how and where to invest funds within your pension plan...
ProSaver Account
It’s important to make the most of your savings without putting them at risk. Whether you are looking to save up for a down payment on your home, your children’s education etc...

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